5 reasons why Glacier Hiking should be on your bucket list... Reason No. 1

This week we spotted Franz Josef Glacier on another list of “must do activities” in New Zealand.  We absolutely agree that a hike on Franz Josef Glacier is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Whether you’re travelling from just up the road or from overseas, glacier hiking is something you’ve got to do before your frail old arms can no longer carry a suitcase!
Dont miss out on a franz josef glacier experience

New Zealand must-dos - skiing, wine-tasting, beaches, adrenalin thrills, and of course, glacier hiking

Hiking Franz Josef Glacier features on the travel bucket list for a lot of people. We agree!  But here’s the important thing, don’t just leave it on the list.  Make sure you do it, and do it soon!  Franz Josef Glacier is a changing glacier.  We’ll leave the debate over climate change to the politicians and scientists, but whatever the reasons may be for the warming planet, there is no doubt that it is having an impact on the glaciers.

Franz Josef and Fox glaciers – changing glaciers

Both the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are highly sensitive glaciers, meaning they react quickly to changes in the environment.  This is probably why a hole that appeared on Franz Josef Glacier two years ago has had a major impact.  The ice loss that occurred after the hole appeared left the terminal face of the glacier unstable and unsafe for hiking.  That’s why we now zoom our guests onto the glacier by helicopter! Not only is it a very cool way to arrive on a glacier, it also means guests don’t miss out on accessing the best bits of the glacier.

The Franz Josef Glacier guiding team is absolutely passionate about the environment we work in and we think a vital part of the job is education.   A trip on the glacier with Franz Josef Glacier Guides is a special opportunity to learn about this delicate environment and to take memories of a lifetime.  Who knows what it will look like for the next generation?

So, that’s our final post in the top 5 reasons why glacier hiking on Franz Josef Glacier should be on your travel bucket list.  You better get yourself to the West Coast don’t you think?