5 Reasons why Glacier Hiking should be on your Travel Bucket List - Reason No. 2

IMG 3918Still need a good reason to hike Franz Josef Glacier?  Or need to convince your buddy to make a booking for this once in a lifetime experience? Well, let us help you out with yet another undeniable reason to get yer hiking boots on and book a Franz Josef Glacier trip. 
Here’s Number 2 in the Top 5 reasons hiking Franz Josef Glacier should be on your travel bucket list.

Reason No. 2 - Sea and Ice

Franz Josef Glacier is a unique glacier; its narrow, steep shape means it’s one of the fastest moving glaciers on the planet and is what gives the glacier its striking rugged appearance.  What’s truly unique about this glacier and the reason you should have this little gem on your bucket list is that the glacier terminates just 19 klms from the coast and just 240m above sea level.  It’s incredibly rare to find a glacier travelling so close to the sea, it’s a special sight to glimpse sea and ice as part of a hike on this glacier - not something you see everyday! 

Running through Westland, the Southern Alps is itself unique as at some points its jagged mountain peaks are just 20 kilometres from the sea.  Most other mountain ranges of this formation are found much further inland.

So basically, this makes Franz Josef Glacier a pretty user-friendly kind of glacier.  It’s close to the township of Franz Josef making it easy for stepping off on a heli-hike, and kindly flows all the way to the forest floor, allowing a striking view of the glacier just a short stroll from the visitor car park if you fancy a valley walk.  No reason not to visit really?!!

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