5 Reasons why Glacier Hiking should be on your travel bucket list - Reason No. 3

And here’s Number 3 in our Top 5 reasons why glacier hiking should be on your Travel Bucket List.  Reason No. 3 – Walk amongst 80-year-old ice.  Did you know a trip on the glacier gives you the completely unique opportunity of getting up close and personal with ice that has taken 80 years to traverse the side of a mountain. 

Iceclimb 4


If you drop your watch in the snow at the névé (the snowfield at the top of the glacier) you’ll probably be waiting around 80 years to retrieve it at the terminal face.   Pretty incredible to think of the journey that ice has taken! A hike on the glacier means you will come face to face with this little piece of history and all that is trapped within it.  Getting onto the glacier is the only way to get access to this incredible sight. 

But in comparison with glaciers in Antarctica, Franz Josef is speedy!  Glacial ice in the glaciers of Antarctica can be tens of thousands of years old.  You’d be waiting a while to get your watch back there!