5 Reasons why Glacier Hiking should be on your Travel Bucket List... Reason No 4


So, last week we gave you the first good reason why you should have glacier hiking on your travel bucket list.  Still need convincing? Here’s another incredible fact about the glacier, it’s always moving!

Hiker and guide

4.    A fast moving glacier provides a unique experience each day

A glacier is constantly changing and moving.  No glacier hike is ever the same as the one the day before.  Just ask a glacier guide - we cut new tracks into the glacier each time we take a hike onto the ice. 

And just in case you thought being a glacier guide was an easy job, spare a thought for those of us who work on the Franz Josef, it’s one of the fastest moving glaciers around.  Franz Josef Glacier has been known to move at the lightning speed of seven metres per day following periods of exceptional precipitation.  Most commonly, a glacier will move half to one metre per day.  On average, the main icefall of Franz Josef Glacier will move at around four to five metres per day.  So that means we are constantly cutting new tracks and finding new amazing sights on the glacier. 

And for you, this means your glacier experience will not be the same as anyone else’s.