4 things you didn't know about guide Katia

Who was your guide when you hiked Franz Josef Glacier?  Our team of guides is quite the international mix.  Meet Katia, imported all the way from Canada! Katia’s been on the team for about a year now and like the rest of us around here, loves getting out and enjoying everything that is West Coast.  Katia reckons the best thing about living here is having the mountains as your very own playground.

KatiaWe couldn’t agree more! Here’s a couple of things you probably didn’t know about Katia:

1 – If she could go anywhere, Katia would travel to Antarctica (more ice, more mountains, there’s definitely a theme here!)

2 – Katia’s favourite little secret spot on the West Coast is … oh hang on, we can’t tell you that!

3 – Katia is a bit of an expert on the ice, except for that time she tripped and face-planted into the ice in front of her customers!  Don’t worry Katia, we know it was for entertainment value!

4 – Words of advice from Katia – “Follow your heart, but take your brain with you”.  Too true, especially when you’re on the ice!

And that’s Canadian Katia, all-round awesome team member.