5 things you didn't know about guide Andy


Here’s Andrew.  Hailing from Australia, Andy has worked with us as a glacier guide for around 9 months.  Like most of the guides around here, Andy loves the outdoors which is lucky as he describes himself as easily bored.  It's a good thing his job involves getting out on the ice each day.  Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about Andy:


1 – His favourite thing to do is white water kayaking

2 – If he could go anywhere, he would travel to Norway or South America to kayak waterfalls

3 – But the first mission will be 3 months kayaking from California to British Columbia   

4 – The best advice Andy could give the next generation would be to get out there and mission every weekend (probably involving kayaking!), and

5 – The worst job Andy thinks anyone could do is an office job, and no, he’s never done it himself!

So now you know a bit more about Franz Josef Glacier Guide Andy, feel free to stop by and say hi sometime, or join him up on the ice.  If you’re lucky he’ll tell you a story or two about his kayak missions.