5 things you didn't know about guide Rowan







You may have noticed this guy popping up from time to time in guest’s photos.  It’s Rowan. He’s a glacier guide. He’s from Christchurch…. and it seems he’s kind of popular amongst our guests!! No surprises really, Rowan’s a great member of the team so we thought we’d share with you a bit of info on him.

Here are a couple of things you may not know about Rowan:

1-    He’s right at home here on the West Coast; some of his favourite activities include climbing, hunting, fishing and snowboarding.  He recently did an epic mission to Minarets with some of the other glacier guides, read the Minarets blog here.

2-    And keeping with the mountain and coastal theme, Rowan would most like to visit Canada. We can see him fitting right in!

3-    Rowan loves living in the township of Franz Josef Glacier because of all the awesome outdoor activates that are just on the doorstep.  No reason not to give it a go really, or as Rowan would say, “Don’t be shy – give it a try” (he’s also quite the philosopher!).

4-    Rowan reckons his job as a glacier guide is a pretty sweet set up, this is probably because he’s had the odd dirty job before starting at Franz Josef Glacier Guides. Rowan reckons the worst job he’s ever had was cleaning out the inside of a diesel boiler with a wire brush. Um no thanks, give us the pristine ice of a glacier any day!

5-    Rowan always has a bit of fun with guests when he’s on the ice (probably the reason he’s always popping up in their photos).  One of Rowan’ s best gags with a guest was convincing them that they would see penguins on the glacier!

Well, we can’t promise you there will be penguins on your visit to Franz Josef Glacier – in fact we can pretty much guarantee you that there won’t be – but we can guarantee you’ll have an awesome trip if you’re lucky enough to get Rowan as your guide!