Adrenalin Overdose? Take time out at the most relaxing place in New Zealand

Is your body starting to tell you it needs a break from all the adrenalin and adventure?

Feeling like you need to chill out and relax for a while?  We know the perfect place.

Travel in New Zealand is all about active adventure.  You’ve probably been glacier hiking or bungy jumping, jet boating or skydiving.  Or perhaps… all of the above.

Maybe it’s time to rest that body that’s been thrown around boats, out of planes, across mountains from one end of the country to the other.

If you hadn’t heard, the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate is found right here in Franz Josef.  A place where the pace is a bit slower and the focus is on relaxation rather than adrenalin.

We’re talking about Glacier Hot Pools.  And it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself while you’re in New Zealand.


SOME facts about FRANZ JOSEF'S Glacier Hot Pools


-       There are three main pools, with water temperature ranging from a perfect 36 degrees to a just about heaven 40 degrees.

-       The three private pools are completed secluded amongst rainforest with private change facilities.

-       There is a full range of massage and spa treatments available in the massage room that feels like you’re lying in the middle of the rainforest.

-       The retail shop offers New Zealand made beauty products and a huge range of swimwear (no need to get caught out if you didn’t pack your own).

Well, that’s the facts on Franz Josef’s hot pools.  But there’s so much more to Glacier Hot Pools, and you’ll know what we mean as soon as you walk through the entrance. 

Uniquely designed, the pools are completed immersed amongst lush West Coast rainforest.   It’s so lush and thick the private pools don’t need privacy screening, the surrounding rainforest acts as a natural wall of privacy.

With one whole wall of glass, you may feel a little hesitant walking around half-naked in the massage room.  But don’t be, the dense vegetation offers the most beautiful privacy you could imagine. 

The clever design creates one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences you’ll have in New Zealand.   The feeling of being nestled amongst the rainforest is spellbinding.


So make sure your New Zealand trip includes a stop at Glacier Hot Pools.  After a soak (and maybe a massage or two), you’ll be ready to take on the next round of adventure, adrenalin and activities.

Franz Josef Glacier Guides offers complimentary entry to Glacier Hot Pools with every glacier trip.  If you’d like to visit Glacier Hot Pools, get in touch.