After the ice: indulge in a massage at Glacier Hot Pools


There’s only one thing better than a glacier hike…. and that’s a glacier hike followed by a massage.  Surely…?

Fortunately for those glacier-hike-and-massage lovers out there, Franz Josef offers the perfect opportunity to combine these two incredible experiences in one perfect day of awesomeness.   The massage room at Glacier Hot Pools is located just behind the Glacier Base building… the very place you will finish your glacier hike.

It’s almost like it was meant to be.


A hike on Franz Josef Glacier is a great way to get the body moving and maybe stretch a few muscles you haven’t used for a while.  There’s no doubt that walking with crampons up ice steps and shimmying your way through crevasses and caves is a good work out.  And after any good work out, a relaxing or rejuvenating massage is exactly what’s needed.


No excuse not to

Any Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ guests who do a Heli Hike or Ice Explorer have complimentary access to Glacier Hot Pools as part of the tour.  Why not spend some extra time at the hot pools and choose a massage as an extra indulgence to end your perfect day?


The unique experience of Glacier Hot Pools

Uniquely designed, Glacier Hot Pools is immersed amongst lush West Coast rainforest.   It’s so lush and thick the private pools don’t need privacy screening, the surrounding rainforest acts as a natural wall of privacy.

With one whole wall of glass, you may feel a little hesitant walking around half-naked in the massage room.  But don’t be, the dense vegetation offers the most beautiful privacy you could imagine.

The clever design creates one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences you’ll have in New Zealand.   The feeling of being nestled amongst the rainforest is spellbinding.

photo 2

Massage therapies at Glacier Hot Pools

Glacier Hot Pools has created a unique sanctuary offering massage therapies focused on reviving your tinana (body), hinengaro (mind) and wairua (spirit).  Each massage follows a rhythmic flow and balance in tune with nature.  All massage products are made from organic New Zealand beeswax and infused with unique blends of essential oils.

Massage treatments options include Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation Massage or Deep Tissue massage.  The beautiful massage room caters to two guests at a time and offers some to-die-for packages like the Couples Hot Stone Massage or the Couples Massage plus Private Pool experience.

So make sure your New Zealand trip includes a stop at Glacier Hot Pools.  After an adventurous day out amongst nature, take some time out to relax amongst nature.  You’ll leave Franz Josef Glacier ready to tackle the next round of New Zealand adventure, adrenalin and activities.

Franz Josef Glacier Guides offers complimentary entry to Glacier Hot Pools with every glacier tour.  For a limited time, entry to Glacier Hot Pools is also included with every Glacier Valley Walk tour.  Get in touch today to make a booking.