Do you remember your first time????

Do you remember your first time? Err, in a helicopter that is..
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There may only be one thing that thrills our guests more than hiking on Franz Josef Glacier and that is the helicopter ride to get there.  The magic of a Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ trip is the opportunity to do two amazing, cool, crazy things in one day. Recent guest Stephen was so enthused by the experience, he wrote a great blog about it on his page The Crossroad.  We love the fact that Stephen got as much of a buzz out of the helicopter ride as he did out of “walking inside a glacier”. Read the blog here

Yep, Stephen explored some amazing ice caves and crevasses during his hike on the glacier.  Have a look at the stunning photographs he has shared on his blog.

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Each day we get reports back from happy hikers everywhere, it seems a glacier heli hike is one of the best things you can do in New Zealand.  The only way to improve on a heli hiking kind of day  – soak those weary legs in hot pools nestled amongst the lush rainforest at Glacier Hot Pools.  Yes please!