Don't forget to blog....

How do you keep in touch with the family while you’re travelling? How do you brag to your friends about all the mind-blowing sights you’re seeing on the road?  There’s no shortage of ways to keep in touch these days, we’ve come a long way since postcards back to Mum and Dad (do people still send postcards?).  We reckon one of the best ways to keep your friends and family back home jealous is the blog page.  We get to see a lot of traveller’s blogs around here, as we are lucky enough to feature in many.  We’re always chuffed when visitors blog about their Franz Josef Glacier experience; sharing photos and generally having a brag about it! 

One of our favourite recent blogs is from a family who has done a lot of travelling, and they have done it together.  Mum, Dad and two teenage sons have biked, hiked, snowshoed, walked and driven to some amazing sights in their homeland of Canada and on a recent trip to New Zealand they shared their outdoor adventures via their blog page.  Once again, we were humbled to be a highlight of their trip to New Zealand, and you can read all about their Heli Hike experience on the page here. 

Warning:  This blog contains amazing photos of the glacier that may cause you to quit your job and travel to the West Coast of New Zealand.

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