Franz Josef Glacier: A backpacker's perspective

BackpACking Matt HITS Franz Josef Glacier

We love it when guests share their glacier adventures on a travel blog, Facebook, Instagram... and everything else that's out there!

Blogger, traveller and adventurer Backpacking Matt was recently up on the ice with us and shared his experience on his super-popular blog page Backpacking Matt.

Have a look at Matt's page and you'll see he's a backpacker who knows his stuff and his blog has a huge following.  Back in 2010, we were stoked when Matt listed Franz Josef Glacier as one of his Top 10 most fascinating places he had visited that year.

the changing face of franz josef glacier

Well, it's 2014 and Matt has been back for another visit.  Like many visitors who have been to Franz Josef Glacier previously, Matt noticed that there had been some changes to the length of the glacier over the last few years.

Franz Josef Glacier is currently retreating.  The glacier has been in a period of retreat since 2008 and has lost around 800 metres of length.

But we should also keep in mind that this retreat isn't as big (yet!) as the last great retreat which occurred in 1984.  So, we’ll have to see what Mother Nature, and today’s climate will bring.

For now, we like Backpacking Matt’s attitude … it’s more of a “every cloud has a silver lining kind of attitude”.  The glacier has retreated (which means you can’t hike onto the ice from the valley floor), but it does mean.....helicopters!

Backpacking Matt helicopter


Helicopters are good times, great photos and an added adventure to any glacier hike.

But don’t take our word for it, check out Backpacking Matt’s blog here, as well as some very cool photos and video.

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See you on the ice.