Franz Josef Glacier School takes a walk up the valley

The team at Franz Josef Glacier Guides recently had an extra special group out for a glacier walk.  We were lucky enough to be asked to help out with a school trip for Franz Josef Glacier School and took the entire school for a walk up the valley floor.  Our guides were more than happy to share their knowledge on all there is to know about the glacier and the valley it has carved out over thousands of years.  The walk took the enthusiastic group of 5 to 12 year olds along the Waiho River, through the lush rainforest, and out onto the valley floor for some impressive views of the Franz Josef Glacier.  It was a long walk, especially for some of the younger ones, but we were delighted to see their enthusiasm throughout the whole 5 kilometre hike.  Especially as they told us they thought it was going to be a boring walk!  After lots of questions, photos and touching and feeling the sights around them, the kids were taken back to town full of knowledge on this fascinating glacier.  Thanks for joining us Franz Josef Glacier School.