How do I choose the best Franz Josef Glacier hike?

How do I choose the best Franz Josef Glacier hike?

Planning your trip to Franz Josef Glacier?  You know you want to get up close and personal to this world-famous West Coast glacier but don’t know which trip would suit you best?  Let us give you the run down on each of our trips so you can choose which hike is best for you.

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Heli Ice Climb for adrenalin junkies

What could be more adventurous than combining a helicopter ride with ice climbing?  Choose the Heli Ice Climb trip and we’ll provide you with high-tech equipment and expert tuition.  You will need to be fit and able and willing to use an ice axe but you don’t need to have any previous experience ice climbing.  The helicopter transfer drops you at about 600m and you’ll be on the ice for around 4 hours.

Choose the Ice Explorer for the most time on the ice

If you’re fit, adventurous and want to spend around 3 hours on the ice, then the Ice Explorer is the glacier hike you should choose.  The trip includes a short helicopter transfer onto the ice where you’ll explore jaw-dropping landscapes like ice caves, blue ice and crevasses.  The helicopter transfer drops you at about 600m and you’ll be on the ice for around 3 hours.

explore blue ice with an ice explorer trip

Choose the Heli Hike for a longer helicopter flight

The Glacier Heli Hike is the best trip if you want a slower paced hike.  You get a longer, scenic helicopter flight and shorter time on the ice.  You’ll still need to have a moderate level of fitness and you’ll be rewarded with amazing sights on the glacier like blue ice, caves and crevasses. You also get a glacier "goodie bag" gift.  The helicopter transfer drops you at about 850m and you’ll be on the ice for around 2 hours with lots of time to take photos!

Glacier Valley Walk for the whole family

Choose the Glacier Valley Walk if you want to immerse yourself in the stunning rainforest and valley floor scenery.  There’s no helicopter trip and no ice time on this Franz Josef Glacier hike but you’ll get an informative and interpretive walk with an expert guide.  No trip is ever the same; a walking tour will cover the glacier’s history, its retreat, the Maori legends as well as loads more.  A Glacier Valley Walk with Franz Josef Glacier Guides takes you beyond the public barriers accessing exclusive trails.  Great for a lower level of fitness and suitable for children 6 years and up.

choose your Franz Josef Glacier trip…. and we’ll see you on the ice.

Whether it’s helicopters, ice axes or rainforest walks, Franz Josef Glacier Guides has got you covered for your glacier experience. 

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