Libby's Heli Hike Adventure

We’re just a little bit jealous after reading Libby’s travel blog page, ‘Libby’s Adventure Continues’.  In her adventures, Libby has seen some amazing sights and had some very cool adventures all around New Zealand.  She was recently up on Franz Josef Glacier with us and captured some spectacular images of her adventure.


We reckon Libby is making her friends and family back home very jealous.

Travelling around the world isn’t nearly as fun if you can’t share it with friends and family.  Or brag about… depends on which way you want to look at it.

Whether you’re bragging about your amazing escapades or you just want to let Mum and Dad know you’re safe, a travel blog is the best way share your adventures.  And we love reading them!

Last month Libby jumped in a helicopter and did the Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ Heli Hike experience.  By the looks of the stunning photos, Libby visited the glacier on a classic blue sky winter’s day.  There’s nothing better than a crisp, cool day on Franz Josef Glacier.  If you don’t believe us check out Libby’s photos.

A Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ Heli Hike tour includes a scenic helicopter transfer onto the glacier, around 2 hours on the ice (depending on what conditions are like and how energetic the group is) and a delicious soak in the Glacier Hot Pools at the end of the day.

The difference between a Heli Hike tour and an Ice Explorer tour is that the Ice Explorer gives you more time on the ice (3 hrs) and less time on the helicopter (it’s a transfer, rather than a scenic flight).  The Heli Hike tour walks at a more relaxed pace, the Ice Explorer is a little more challenging. 

The Heli Hike tour goes further up onto the ice and is suitable for children 8 years and over.  The Ice Explorer is suitable for children 12 years and over.

Whichever tour you choose, make sure you pack a camera and get ready to capture scenery that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.  

Why not share your adventure on a travel blog and make your friends and family green with envy.

Read Libby's blog.