Meet Dale

Time to meet another member of the Franz Josef Glacier Guides team - this time it's Dale....

How long have you worked for FJGG?
2 + ½ years

What is your earliest memory of the outdoors?
Camping with my family

What is the funniest thing that's happened to you while working on the glacier?
Axing myself in the locker room (nowhere near the glacier!)

What is your idea of the best little getaway on the West Coast?
Runaway flat - top secret location

What have you got planned for your next big adventure?
Flying up to Almer Hut on the side of the glacier

What do you spend most of your spare time doing?
Taking long walks along the beach

Best place you have taken a photo from?
Ski touring off the top on Mt Columbia, BC, Canada, while living in a snow cave for a week.

In one sentence can you describe your life in South Westland for me?
From the beach to the mountains in 25 minutes you get the best of all worlds. Hunting, fishing, skiing, climbing and kayaking.

What do you most enjoy about your job or the Franz Josef Glacier?
Flying to work on a glacier in a chopper every day.