Meet Gabe!

Time to meet the team again!!
Gabe has been with Franz Josef Glacier Guides for 10 years and is our Assistant Ops Manager. Here we find out a few things we didn't know about him!!


1. How long have you worked for Franz Josef Glacier Guides?

Around 10 years

2. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Passionate, pedantic, driven, direct & occasionally funny.

3. What is your earliest memory of the outdoors?

Stepping away from the pool ladder underwater and standing on the bottom by myself aged 3.

4. What is the funniest thing that's happened to you while working on the glacier?

The "notch to nowhere" Not so funny for me, very funny for others... (Don't ask!)

5. Where is the best little getaway on the West Coast?

Taking my boat out for an early morning wakeboard, followed by a midday picnic with the family and some friends at a private beach on a sunny day.

6. What have you got planned for your next big adventure?

Trans-Siberian railway, Russia to China in winter.

7. What do you spend most of your spare time doing?

Hanging out with my daughter and family, yoga, music production & obsessively organising my I Tunes library.

8. Where is the best place you have taken a photo from?

Most northern town in Japan (Wakkanai) The scene was a snowy icy ocean with Japanese women picking sea weed in sub-zero conditions.

9. In one sentence can you describe your life in South Westland for me?

I am privileged to have lived and played in this amazing place.

10. What do you most enjoy about your job or the Franz Josef Glacier?

Man vs Nature!! We win the battle, nature wins the war...!

Thanks Gabe!