Meet Glacier Guide Andy

If you’ve been out on a glacier hike with us you’ll know just how hard the guides work to make glacier hiking safe, fun and full of amazing sights.

Summer is the busiest time at Franz Josef Glacier and our hard-working guides are pretty much non-stop. 

But as things slow down a bit, we managed to get 5 minutes with our favourite Aussie Andy, for a quick chat to find out a few little-known facts about this guru of the ice.

Meet Andy

Andrew Davey 1

Andy has worked as a guide at Franz Josef Glacier Guides for three summers now. We wanted to find out what makes him tick, and how he ended up doing one of the most amazing jobs there is to do; glacier guiding.

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Andy.

  1. When asked to describe himself in 5 words, he says: Hairy, Hungy, Heroic, Handsome, Humble
  2. Andy’s favourite thing to do when he’s not guiding on the ice is kayaking. So it’s no surprise Andy’s next adventure will be a 3 month kayaking / climbing trip.  On the shortlist is Norway, South America or U.S.A.  Did you know there’s excellent kayaking around Franz Josef (check out Glacier Country Kayaks). 
  3. Every glacier guide has a story (or three) to tell from their time on the ice.  Andy’s involves a client and a crampon bag.  Andy’s guest didn’t know what to do with the crampon bag or what its purpose was.  So he put it on his head and wore it as a hat for the entire Ice Explorer trip.
  4. Best place you’ve ever taken a photo from? Andy reckons The Chancellor Hut long drop toilet is the best place he’s taken a photo from.  Chancellor Hut is located on the Chancellor Ridge, about 200m above Fox Glacier.  If you get there one day, look out for the long drop toilet.  Without a dout the best toilet window view in New Zealand.
  5. Andy’s first taste of the outdoors?  It seems Andy’s not afraid of adversity.  His first memory of the great outdoors was a camping trip that ended with a tree branch going through his tent.


Thanks for taking a break from the glacier guiding Andy!