Meet Richard

It's been a little while since we introduced you to our guides. So this week, we meet Richard!

How long have you worked for Franz Josef Glacier Guides?
18 months

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Stubborn, energetic,confident, helpful and instinctive!

What is your earliest memory of the outdoors?
Too many! Fishing aged 5, hunting with Dad aged 7, running down from the summit of Mount Tongariro, aged 8.

Where is the best little getaway on the West Coast?
Almer Hut.

What have you got planned for your next big adventure?
Learning to solo climb (with ropes). Climbing Mount Elie de Beaumont.

What do you spend most of your spare time doing?
Lately - a bit of hunting. Later - back into climbing.

Where is the best place you have taken a photo from?
De la Beche ridge, Mount Cook National Park

In one sentence can you describe your life in South Westland for me?
A nice balanced lifestyle with a fantastic playground on my doorstep!

What do you most enjoy about your job or the Franz Josef Glacier?
The glacier is always changing - it's never boring. I have met some of my favourite people here, awesome camaraderie amongst the team.

Thanks Richard!