Meet the Team: Glacier Guide Oliver

We’re a multicultural team of guides here at Franz Josef Glacier Guides.  Have a chat to one of the ice guides or the reservations team and you’ll find a lot of Kiwis, but you’ll also find a few other nationalities covered.


Say hello to Oliver


Today, we meet Oliver, He’s our Brit on the team and he’s a multi-talented kind of guy.   He’s passionate about glaciers and he’s always keen to share his knowledge with Franz Josef guests.

We managed to grab Ollie for a five minute chat before he jumped on the next helicopter heading for the ice.

We asked Ollie to describe himself in 5 words, and this is what he said:  Happy. Physical.  Content.  Geography Geek. 

So, now you’ve got the 5 word description of the man, here are 5 things about Ollie you probably didn’t know.

  1. Ollie is well travelled.  He reckons the best place he’s taken a photograph from is the Everest Region of Nepal.
  2. Camping and the outdoors is in his blood.  Back in the UK, Ollie’s earliest memory of outdoor adventure was a North Wales expedition that involved pouring rain and midges.  (So he’s well practiced for life on the West Coast!)
  3. Ollie hopes his next big adventure will be surfing and climbing in Indonesia.  He’d also be happy with climbing some West Coast peaks and spending some time in the back country huts.
  4. Ask any glacier guide and there will be a good story to tell.  Ollie’s funniest experience was when he managed to fall into the same puddle on the glacier twice, with the same group of guests.
  5. We asked Ollie to describe life in South Westland in one sentence.  He says:  “Sweet.. outdoors lifestyle to the max”.  Nice one, Ollie we couldn’t agree more!


So, next time you're passing by, make sure you say hi to Ollie.