Preparing for your hike

Summer is here and that means two things at Franz Josef Glacier Guides -

1) It's getting busier and
2) It's probably going to rain more

The first is what leads me to this blog, with more and more people coming through the summer months, it's really important to be prepared for your hike with us on the Franz Josef Glacier. And the second is something you need to be prepared for.

There are some simple things to remember to bring to enjoy your hike with us, 2-4 warm layers on top, and quick drying trousers are a must! We do not take people up in jeans - why, because when they get wet they stay wet - ask any outdoors person and they will tell you the same thing, in our environment jeans are just a big no no.

The layers on top will help you prepare for whatever the days weather holds. We can start our day in sunshine, and finish it in pouring rain, so being able to strip on and off when necessary is a must. We will provide you with over trousers and jackets to keep the wet at bay.

If it is raining, expect anything that is in your bag to get wet, doesn't matter how hard you try, unless you have a 'dry bag' your gear will get wet. So don't take anything up that you will miss if it gets damaged - do not for example take your phone/ passport/ iPods, etc. Leave them at home. Not only will this save you the sadness of ruining your favorite things, it will also lighten your load while walking.

Which leads me to what TO bring. Make sure you bring:
Food and drink for the day (lunches can be pre ordered from our base the night before)

We will provide rain jackets, over trousers, socks, boots, crampons, hat and gloves (if required).

So now you'll be all ready to go this summer and experience the Franz Josef Glacier - we look forward to seeing you here soon!