Secrets of the West Coast - Part 1

We can't go climbing glaciers everyday... so we thought we'd fill you in on some of the other amazing sights there are to see here on the West Coast.
And we'll call it Secrets of the West Coast. But it's probably not such a secret anymore...
Anyway, here's Part 1.

One of our favourite things to do here on the West Coast is The Trig Walk at Okarito. It's a bit of a secret gem of a hike.

We reckon it's one of the best short walks you can do around here. Once at the top of the hill, on a good day, you will get one of the most outstanding views across the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps, the lush forest of the National Park, the lagoon and the wild beaches of the Coast.

Or, do the walk at sunset. The view over the Tasman and the colours on the mountains is just awesome.

The walk is 4.2km return, that should take you about 1hr 30mins. The walk winds gently uphill on a well-graded track, before reaching the Okarito Trig viewpoint.

And after your walk, check out the village of Okarito. With a population of 30 permanent residents, it's a pretty peaceful and special place.

Okarito is about 32 kilometres north of Franz Josef.