The Glacier After the Snow

We have seen snow fall in the township for the first time in about 8 years. Here are some shots of our team checking out the snow.

After the snow, the team head up the glacier to ensure that our equipment based up there is all safe and accounted for. Craig, Jeff and Michael went up 28.06.12 and took these amazing pictures. While we don't guide through all of this terrain (particularly the cave) it is amazing to see the glacier's hidden secrets.

Walking on snow near the heli hike site

Guides carefully make their way.

Walking through Ogives; A series of ice waves or bands of lighter and darker material formed below ice falls in some glaciers. Also called Forbes bands, true band ogives are laid down one per year and represent different flow rates through the steep, narrow ice falls.

Inside a cave between the heli hike site and our Ice Explorer terrain - we don't guide here, but amazing to check it out.

More photos have just been uploaded to our Facebook page - check them out!