The Summer's Best Photos Were Taken Here

What a summer it’s been!

Those in the know will have heard about Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ monthly competition called Wanna Win A Refund

We ask our guests to post their favourite picture from their glacier trip onto our Facebook page.  Each month we pick the best photo. 

And the winner gets their glacier trip refunded.  Pretty cool, huh?

Sadly, we can’t make every picture a winner (even though we’d love to).  Looking through all the competition photos each month gives us a real buzz…. so we thought we just had to share.  Check out the compilation video of all the awesome glacier hike photos we receive from happy guests.

What’s the best thing about this competition (apart from refunding a guest the full cost of their glacier trip each month)?

Looking back over a whole summer’s worth of photos on the ice.  It makes for a lot of smiling faces!

Whether it was an Ice Explorer, a Heli Hike, a Heli Ice Climb or a Glacier Valley Walk, this summer we’ve just about seen it all on the ice.


The summer's best photos from franz josef glacier

You’ll see pictures of hikers squeezing themselves through incredible crevasses, peering out from blue ice and walking through jaw dropping ice formations. 


There have been 40th birthdays, 25th wedding anniversaries and four marriage proposals. 

We had guests doing yoga on the ice, and Irish dancing.  We had top hats and Santa hats and eating ice.  And nudity (of course).


Did we mention helicopters?

And then there’s the amazing Franz Josef Glacier Guides.  Thanks to all our guests who shared photos of their amazing guide.  These guys and girls work hard cutting steps, talking about the glacier, and in Jack’s case, photo-bombing group pictures. 


In February, we had a beautiful formation called Make or Break appear on the glacier.  This stunning crevasse made it look like the hikers were walking into the belly of a giant blue beast.  Amazing scenery you just don’t see in any other landscape.

From kids, to backpackers, to spritely seniors, we saw all ages and abilities up on the ice with us this summer. 

And we can’t wait to do it all over again next summer.  Check out the amazing compilation.


See you on the ice.