There's a hole lot going on around here

Our latest natural feature on the glacier is one of the most remarkable we have seen in recent years. A hole in the ice has developed a large arc on the lower reaches of the ice. This hole is a natural and not unusual feature on the glacier which is caused by the river action underneath the glacier creating a cavity and slowly collapsing in on itself. This can be a long process; we have been monitoring this area for the last 6 months in expectation.

Here is a picture of the hole to show you what we are talking about.

This is one mighty impressive feature. Some of our feedback from visitors has been how impressive it has been to see the force of nature at work. The "hole" definitely shows you that a glacier is simply a VERY slow moving river. The ice is flowing towards the gap made to try and fill it in - much like water does when you squish your toes in the sand at the beach.

It's definitely an exciting time for us, and our experienced team are monitoring the ice on a daily basis (as we do every day anyway). As the hole develops we may need to review foot access onto the ice, which could happen over the next few weeks - we have some pretty exciting plans for this time though. Normal heli access will not be affected.

It's a pretty amazing sight - there has definitely never been a more dynamic time to visit Franz Josef Glacier!