Tidy kiwis

Posted by Steph on 4 February 2013

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Ever wondered what the Franz Josef Glacier Guides get up to when they're not guiding on the ice?









Well, lots of good stuff, including getting amongst the local community to collect rubbish. You would have spotted them one rainy Thursday a while back out on the streets, tackling the trash and returning with no less than 19 bags of rubbish. The team reported some interesting items collected, including a pair of tongs, a bag of sick, a road cone and a decomposing mattress. Hmmm....

After the rubbish was sorted, the teams warmed up with hot drinks and a BBQ while a hotly contested quick-fire conservation-themed quiz took place and prizes were awarded for outstanding performances in the field of rubbish collection.

A great effort from all the team who volunteered and a massive thank-you goes out to the volunteers and the wonderful organisations who donated time and resources to help us...









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