Travelling to Franz Josef on a backpacker budget? Here are some good reasons why a glacier heli hike is well worth the money.

How to get the best experiences

out of your backpacker budget

We all know what it’s like; you’re backpacking around the globe, trying to cram every amazing experience in while trying to keep a rein on your shoestring budget.  And now, you’ve hit New Zealand and you’ve realised just how many incredible adventure activities there are to do, not to mention the adrenalin thrills, the stunning sights to see, the treks to hike – oh, and you need to squeeze in a few (or more) big nights out.  That backpacker budget has to stretch a long way when you’re trying to experience the best things to do in New Zealand.  And so the question is; should I spend the money on a glacier heli-hike when I hit Franz Josef?

 Should I stretch my backpacker budget

AND DO A glacier heli hike trip?

Inside the blue ice of the glacier unlike any other experienceWell, for the answer to this, how about we check in with Melissa Warshavsky over at her blog For Twenties Travellers.  Melissa’s blog documents some of the great travel spots she’s visited, as well as some helpful tips and tricks when backpacking across the globe.  Melissa recently did a Heli Hike with Franz Josef Glacier Guides and in her blog, she says that yes, it was worth every penny.  A Heli Hike option with Franz Josef Glacier Guides may cost you more than a few cold beers, but some things are just worth it. 

But make sure you check out the options we have at Franz Josef Glacier Guides.   Costing less than the Heli Hike trip is the Ice Explorer option, which offers a shorter helicopter ride and a different drop location on the glacier, but still offers you the chance to hike amongst the incredible ice landscapes of Franz Josef Glacier.  And because we know everyone loves a deal (especially backpackers) we throw in complimentary access to the Glacier Hot Pools with any glacier hike trip.

Don’t miss out on one of New Zealand’s most unforgettable experiences

Have a look at the stunning photos Melissa has shared of her glacier hike. There’s only one thing better than looking at the pictures on this blog, and that’s getting up there to see it for yourself.  No matter what your budget is, it’s not worth missing out on one of New Zealand’s most unforgettable experiences. Thanks Melissa, for sharing your blog, read the full post of Melissa's Glacier Heli Hike here.

An unforgettable view down the valley from Franz Josef Glacier