We're on the move...

Life in Franz Josef is never dull.  If it’s not glaciers or wild West Coast weather, it’s earthquake avoidance zones.  Ever heard of such a thing? Well, a large part of the main street of Franz Josef Township sits atop the Alpine Fault, the geological fault line where the Pacific and Indo-Australian plates meet.  Over the coming years many of the buildings on the main street will relocate towards the northern end of town to ensure they are no longer sitting directly on the fault line. site blessing











Blessing the new site on Cron Street 

So, we’re on the move!  Building works are about to begin on a brand new base building for Franz Josef Glacier Guides.  We plan to be in the new building by the end of the year and we’ll be sharing the space with the team from the Department of Conservation.  The new Glacier Base building will be located out the front of Glacier Hot Pools on Cron Street; it will be your one-stop shop for all things outdoors!

Before any earthworks begin this beautiful new location must be blessed and on Monday a group from Ngati Mahaki stopped by to do the blessing (Franz Josef Glacier Guides is co-owned by Ngai Tahu and Makaawhio).  The site was blessed with karakia (prayers) and three Mauri stones were buried on the site; Aotea from Makaawhio, Tahutahi pounamu from Cascade, and Waitai white stone from Mahitahi-Bruce Bay, each representing mauri atua (God), mauri tangata (people) and mauri manaaki (care).

We’re grateful to the ope from Makaawhio who came and blessed the site, everything is now in place for building to begin. We can’t wait to set up the new base building, which is phase one of a multi million dollar project.  It’s an exciting time for Franz Josef; stay tuned here for all the progress

site blessing2












Burying the mauri stones