How does a glacier grow? Infographic

Are our glaciers disappearing?  One thing we know about glaciers is they don’t sit still, they are always on the move.  Take the Franz Josef Glacier, moving at speeds of up to 5m per day this little West Coast gem is one of the fastest moving glaciers on the planet.   A trip onto the glacier is never the same from one day to the next and the Franz Josef Glacier Guides are constantly carving out amazing new tracks amongst the ice.

People often wonder if the Franz Josef Glacier is still accessible since changes in the ice caused a large retreat.  It sure is!  This cool infographic should explain the way a glacier works and the cycles of retreat and advance. Currently, the Franz Josef Glacier is in a period of retreat.  But that doesn’t mean Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ visitors miss out.   A short helicopter ride up onto the glacier will give access to stunning ice and scenery unlike anything else, a once in a lifetime opportunity to access a special blue world.

Have a look at this infographic to brush up on your glacier knowledge, and you might even give one of our expert guides a run for their money when you come for a hike with us.

franz Josef vs fox glacier

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