Glacier Base: A tale of two doorways


Have you visited us at the new Glacier Base building on Cron Street yet?  We might have seen you there hanging out in the funky lounge area, or enjoying the café?  Perhaps you came to visit the information area and learn about Franz Josef Glacier and the surrounding area. 

Did you see the two doorways?

A visit to Glacier Base will present you with a choice… of two doorways.  Which door would you choose?

The door on the RIGHT

This door is for you if you're looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.  Step through this door for perfectly warmed waters, luxurious massage treatments and an oasis of calm.

This door leads to Glacier Hot Pools.

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This is no ordinary hot pool facility.  The water in the pools is fed by the glacier waters of Franz Josef Glacier / Kā Roimata o Hinehukatere.  The pools are not built near the rainforest, they are built in the rainforest.  Sitting back soaking in the hot pools, it's as if you’re immersed in the rainforest itself (in all of its lush, green glory).

Whatever the weather, it's worth taking the journey through the door on the right.  And if you've been out hiking or trekking on the glacier, the rejuvenating effects of the hot pools water will feel like heaven.

Three (very clever) Private Pools require no fences or screens as the dense bush provides a perfect screen of privacy.

But I guess you’re still wondering… what if I choose the other door?

The door on the left

We'll call this door the adrenalin door.  Hold onto your hats, because you’re in for a very different experience to the hot pools.

Stepping through the door on the right puts you in the middle of the Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ fully equipped boot room.  This is where you get kitted out for some serious adventure.  Crampons, waterproof clothing, and beanies... are starting to get the picture now? 

Don't be fooled by the tranquil rainforest pathway that leads you away from the boot room.  Things are about to step up a notch. 

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Yes, that’s a helicopter waiting for you.

You’re about to get whisked up to Franz Josef Glacier, one of the world’s steepest glaciers.  A place to explore a striking icy landscape up close. 

We won't give away too much, you'll just have to do a glacier tour for yourself to experience the full amazement.  But we can say, you won't regret choosing the door on the left.

So there you have it, the two doors of Glacier Base.  Kind of like yin and yang, these two doors complement each other perfectly despite their differences. 

One door offers relaxation and rejuvenation, the other offers adrenalin and an incredible sense of achievement. Two opposite forces that sit perfectly side by side.

And now..

Time for you to explore the Glacier Base building for yourself and choose your own door.  Take a 360-degree tour of Glacier Base, Glacier Hot Pools and the Franz Josef Glacier Guides’ boot room right here, right now!

Go on, take the tour.