Franz Josef Glacier Guides

Franz Josef Glacier Guides are an internationally recognized guiding operation, established in 1990, that prides itself on providing the most incredible glacier experiences.

Combining traditional guiding techniques unique to New Zealand with modern innovations we are able to access glacier terrain normally only seen by experienced mountaineers.
We make a clear commitment to our clients, that a tour with us is the most spectacular and rewarding available.

Franz Josef Glacier Guides is a wholly owned New Zealand business.  Another true NZ experience from Ngai Tahu Tourism.

Our Guides

Our skill at step-cutting & track formation are what gives our trips the edge.

Our rigorous guide training program ensures our guides possess these skills in abundance, and we proudly claim to be the best. Each day prior to the first commercial tour, our guides inspect the glacier and cut large, step-lines and walking tracks. Your time on the ice will be monitored by our experienced guides, whilst passing through the unique terrain and impressive ice formations.

Our Glacier

From its origins high in the Southern Alps, the Franz Josef Glacier descends deep into the lush rainforest of Westland’s National Park, from a height of 2700m above sea level to only 240m in as little as 11 km, making it the worlds steepest and fastest flowing commercially guided glacier.

It is the rugged gradient of the Franz Josef Glacier that ensures our clients enjoy the most dramatic glacier scenery available to the general public anywhere in the world.

Our Environment

Franz Josef Glacier Guides works in one of the most significant natural features in New Zealand. Our commitment to respecting this environment has been recognised in 2009 with the achievement of a Silver Enviro Award Rating and then again in 2013 when we achieved Gold Enviro Award Rating through Qualmark New Zealand.

Franz Josef Glacier Guides undertakes a number of local activities to help preserve the environment we operate in, including:

  • Stoat Trapping
  • Recycling visitors rubbish
  • Recycling old equipment
  • Composting
  • Using Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Tree planting to offset our carbon footprint
  • Assisting the local school and play group with activities
  • and much more...

Your guide will be able to share with you the various activities we undertake in the region to preserve the environment.