4 January 2018

Glacier Photos: 8 Tips for Best Results

Hiking on a glacier through spectacular scenery is undoubtedly an experience of a life time, and most likely a one-off for the majority of our visitors, so capturing the experience with epic images is a key part of the trip.

You are welcome to bring your camera or phone on a Heli Hike trip with us (with the one Samsung Galaxy exception below), just make sure it’s secured while you’re hiking as there may be no way to retrieve it if it falls down a deep crevasse!

Here’s a few tips to help you get the best pics while on the ice.

1. Leave your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at home

Sorry but due to previous issues with these phones on airlines we can’t allow these models on our helicopters. Most of these models have been recalled now, but if you do still own one it will need to stay on the ground. If you don’t have a backup camera option you can always buddy up with another guest to share pics.

2. Charge up your battery

Cold conditions can drain your phone or camera battery faster than normal so make sure you have topped up with a quick charge before you depart on your trip. Keep your phone or camera in a warm internal pocket when not in use. 

photo tips 2

3. Use flash

Don’t be afraid to use forced flash in bright sunlight when taking photos of people.  Most cameras will get confused in bright sunlight so using the flash will help bring out the details of a person’s face. Make sure the subject is 3-4 metres away for best results.

4. Hand over your camera

Selfies are great but if you want a scale shot of yourself in a cave or tight crevasse you’ll get a better result from asking someone else to take the photo. Our guides are happy to oblige!

photo tips 3

5. Watch for drips

There’s a good chance you’ll encounter dripping glacial melt during your hike. Depending on where these small drops land, and what sort of case you have, they may or may not cause damage to your phone but if they end up on the lens they can impact the shots you take – more so for a camera. If you’re using a camera, hike with the lens facing down and if using a phone keep it stashed while walking to avoid water.

 photo tips 4

6. Stop and shoot

Watch where you’re walking!  It’s very easy to trip when you are not watching what you are doing. Take care to stop completely before you take a picture and never walk backwards without having a good look behind you first.

photo tips 6

7. Take a moment

Photos are important to help capture the experience and preserve your memory of the trip, but they aren’t everything. Make sure you take time to experience the glacier environment through your own eyes as well as through the lens.  

photo tips 7

8. Share the love

If you have a great shot from your trip be sure to share it! Post your favourite image onto our Facebook page using #wannawinarefund to be in to win your ticket price back. We choose one photo every month.