24 September 2014

What to wear glacier hiking... and a few things not to wear

by Tom at Franz Josef Glacier Guides

Travelling the globe with a pair of crampons in your suitcase? Great, you’re living the “be prepared” dream. But for the rest of us, here’s the run down on what we provide for hiking Franz Josef Glacier.

We've got your covered

We pretty much provide all the hiking clothing you’ll need.

This includes:
  • Breathable rain jacket

  • Hiking boots

  • Waterproof over-trousers

  • Crampons

  • Socks, hats and gloves (if you need them)

Our gear is good quality outdoor gear, so you’ll stay warm and comfortable.

Can I wear my own boots?

Yes, you can wear your own boots. Just make sure they’re good quality outdoor hiking boots and they support your ankles. You’ll be wearing crampons over your boots, so if that’s not ideal, then just choose from our selection of good quality hiking boots.

How cold is it on Franz Josef Glacier?

The temperature on the glacier is normally 2 degrees colder than the temperature in town. Hiking on the ice will keep you warm, but don’t forget the weather can change quickly when you’re in an alpine environment. We recommend wearing 2 – 4 layers of clothing and taking off a few layers if you get hot… it’s better than getting cold.

Some things not to wear on Franz Josef Glacier:

  • A Backpack. You really don’t need to carry that much gear. We’ll provide you with a small bum bag, so you’ll be able to tuck your sunglasses, camera, sunscreen and water in there.

  • Wallets, Phones and Keys. Glaciers have crevasses. Enough said.

  • Denim. Best to leave your Levis in the hotel, denim is cold and wet, and just not a good idea for glacier hiking

We'll see you on the ice!