If you're wondering what the differences are between Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, here are some key factors to consider.

The West Coast of New Zealand is renowned for three things: the phenomenal amount of rainfall Westland receives every year, the region’s jaw-dropping beauty and its fascinating glaciers.

Two glaciers, in particular, Franz Josef and Fox, are unique in that each glacier’s terminal face is quite low in altitude in comparison to other glaciers at similar latitudes around the world.

Franz Josef Glacier Guides has exclusive guiding access to Franz Josef Glacier - the only operator certified to offer guiding experiences on this impressive glacier.

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

Ice Formations

Fox has a gradual descent, whereas Franz Josef drops steeply from the Southern Alps to near sea-level. The steeper incline forces dramatic movement of ice, making Franz Josef Glacier the fastest commercially guided glacier in the world. Our guiding area lies at the top of the main ice fall, where impressive glacial features lie, such as seracs (ice towers), crevasses and tunnels that accentuate the famous ‘blue ice’ visitor experience. Our guides craft their way through the terrain using their ice axe to create a safe, yet unforgettable adventure.